Berghaus has produced some of the most important outerwear pieces over the past 50 years. Their style, quality and innovation is right up there with the greats. It’s fair to say there’s a lot of love and respect for the Berghaus brand. Blueprints is a reimagining of iconic Berghaus designs through Kestin’s vision, the two British teams working together to bring a new direction, pushing boundaries.

This special project draws together over half a century of pioneering technical outdoorwear and UK heritage, married with Kestin’s 20 years' experience in premium, contemporary UK design and manufacturing.

The 7 style range spans technical Outerwear, Insulated Mid-layers, Fleeces, T-shirts, Shirts and Trousers, all crafted in the world’s best factories with the highest quality construction and finishes. The Berghaus Blueprints collection respects the original Berghaus pieces but elevates them in modern luxury fabrics and a refined colour palette. 

‘This collection is more than just an archive reference. This is about understanding and respecting what makes the Berghaus designs great, but then switching it up. Every piece connects back to the original, the blueprint’.

Kestin Hare, Creative Director.

Photographer - Alex James
Video - Rory Wood
Location - Miralles Building, Edinburgh