You can’t fake durability, especially in pants.

 The quality of the cloth, and the fit, as well as the functionality of the details all need to work in tandem to create pants that not only look good, but feel comfortable and will last the distance. The Luss combats have been crafted to be used for any situation and stand the test of time. Case in point are the SS20 pair of Luss that Creative Director Kestin Hare has recently used as his work uniform to build a wooden sleeping platform on top of walk-in wardrobes for his kids. The extra generous pockets and hidden zip pocket are ideal for nails and screws and cards, the cut is relaxed with an elasticated waist for extra comfort and manoeuvrability. And the tough cotton ripstop cloth has managed to withstand a proper battering from a mix of Gorilla Glue, wood filler, sawdust and paint. These pants could probably stand up on their own now.