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Kestin is a Scottish men’s clothing brand founded by Kestin Hare, and based in his hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland. Kestin the brand was created to redefine modern Scottish design by blending innovation with tradition. We weave in references from our heritage and homeland, combining integral details from other areas of inspiration including vintage, workwear, military, sports and outdoor. Our focus is on responsible manufacturing, sourcing the highest-quality fabrics and creating original products that are designed to last. We work with the best factories and mills in the world. Renowned for championing UK production, Kestin strives to make locally wherever possible. Our flagship store in located in Stockbridge, and our Design Studio and HQ is based in Leith, all in Edinburgh. Kestin is stocked in over 90 of the best international stores. 


"My namesake brand is a combination of over two decades industry experience, with a dedication to pushing myself to make the most solid everyday menswear offer. I’ve always been interested in fashion and design, coming from a creative family it’s in my blood. Growing up, nobody was better or more well put together than my grandad Bill who ran pubs in Leith, a proper gent. When I started clubbing I realised the power of brands, everybody was buying into branded T-shirts in the early 90s. What you wore defined you, gave you confidence. I was hooked.

I knew I had to play to my strengths and went straight into studying for a degree in Fashion & Design, and then moved to London to work for and learn from the biggest brands and designers. It was an intense period of training where I was taught my core values: vintage research, learning about the history of garments, where they were manufactured, the function of the materials, the fit, the details, and the ultimate importance of championing UK production.

I knew I wanted to eventually have my own brand, and to create collections which are more than just product. When the time was right, I relocated back to my homeland Scotland and took the opportunity to build my own business and vision. It’s not just about the clothes for me, I want to make sure that we are creating jobs for people in Scotland and the UK, preserving and promoting craft industries and ensuring that our environmental and social impact are constantly improving. My designs are technical and functional, but also a little unconventional, and that’s me."