Instrmnt K-Series

Instrmnt K-Series

Kestin Hare - Instrmnt K-Series Gun Metal

Our friends at Instrmnt have just launched the all new K-Series in three colours options. As always, we are very excited to be an exclusive stockist of these minimalist watches. 

Instrmnt is a Glasgow-based, multi-disciplinary design studio focused on creating industrial-led products with an emphasis on quality, simplicity and attainability above all else.

This brand new style has a specially developed nitrile rubber strap that is created through a process of polymerisation which, in this case allows elasticity, longevity, and a silk-like texture. The PVD coated steel watch case matches the exact colour of the strap. This is a versatile and considered timepiece with a utilitarian design. 

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Kestin Hare - Instrmnt K-Series

 "Colour theory wholly dictates the K-Series’ visual aesthetic. Inspired by the CMYK printing process, each watch takes the appearance of a specific dilution of black, or ‘key’ as it is known when used to print draft run material." 


Kestin Hare - INSTRMNT


Kestin Hare - Instrmnt

Kestin Hare - Instrmnt

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