One of our ongoing challenges is to find manufacturing partners that not only deliver excellent quality and good value, but that also treat their employees well. And when we find them in Scotland that can deliver the goods, we are delighted.

 This is easier said than done though. Scotland has lost lots of manufacturing over the years, and gradually companies have either shifted production overseas, or just found it impossible to compete on price and closed down. While there are lots of places that can do cashmere or traditional woolen dress socks locally, we have always been about trying to push things forward and showing a side to Scotland you’ve not seen before. So we chose to work with a highly skilled Scottish partner to expand their offering to meet our requirements. 

They hadn’t made cotton socks before, but their experienced team were up for innovating. It’s taken quite a few goes to get this right, making sure the quality is at a level that we can all be proud of. It’s taken us a lot longer than planned, but that’s ok, we would rather wait and get it right. Often local development gets shelved if we can’t deliver the right product at the right price, which makes it all the sweeter when we finally land the plane.

 To make modern quality merino wool and cotton socks in Scotland to this level is something that we are incredibly proud of. We are pushing ourselves to keep going on this journey and hope to grow our manufacturing in Scotland steadily over the years.