AW21 Collection - Colourcraft 

Bernat Klein’s rich and varied work continues to supply us with endless inspiration.

The Kestin AW21 Collection is titled Colourcraft (named after Klein’s original Ltd company). Living and working in the Scottish Borders from 1951 until 2014, the infamous Serbian designer Klein was a visionary colourist – he treated colour as being a language and something that could express human emotions in different ways to words.

“I think that colours are as important in our lives as words are; and words cannot be substituted for colours. Colour is the most obvious and immediate visual stimulus. And to those who can speak the language of colour it can express the whole gamut of human emotions in quite a different way from words. Life will be fuller and richer if colours are daily absorbed, handled, savoured as they can be and should be.” - Bernat Klein – An Eye for Colour

The very beginning of our design process has always been colour; the colour palette sets the tone and informs all fabric choices and then filters down into the design of the garments. We take inspiration from Scotland’s natural landscapes, buildings and artists, and weave them into our collections, connecting us to our home.

“Klein's work and approach to life continues to inspire me and my team. Like me he used the natural landscapes from Scotland as a key inspiration for colour. He saw the benefits in being liberal with expressing yourself, both in terms of design and colour and medium. That idea of never restricting yourself appeals to me, constantly learning and pushing to create newness." - Creative Director, Kestin Hare.