The KESTIN SS21 High Sunderland Collection is inspired by the life, work and home of Bernat Klein.

 Bernat Klein (1922-2014) was a visionary textile designer, artist and colourist, who established his business in the Scottish Borders in the 1950s. Klein was a maverick, challenging the preconceptions of how to use colour and traditional Scottish textile design.

Klein’s fabrics and paintings bear a strong relationship to the landscape surrounding his home, High Sunderland, in the Scottish Borders. High Sunderland was designed by Klein’s friend, the architect Peter Womersely, in 1956. A champion of modernist design, Klein also commissioned Womersely to design his studio in 1969.

"I've been inspired by Klein's design ethos and singular vision for good design, creating his own world of creativity in the same couple of miles of remote Scottish countryside where he designed and built his house/studio/factory. His eye for interiors, textiles and colour is still as powerful and relevant today as it was then, his High Sunderland is one of my all time favourite houses." -  Kestin Hare, Creative Director

The High Sunderland colour palette reflects the tones of Bernat Klein’s main house High Sunderland and the paintings within the house, and is made up of pollen yellow, mint, dusty pink mixed in with natural tones of dark tan, slate, sierra and lagoon.

Print is important this season with two unique options. A custom print designed in-house is inspired by Klein’s woven textiles, translating references onto soft and breathable Tencel fabric. Kestin also worked with Scottish mill Halley Stevensons to produce a printed hybrid aero 7.2oz 100% cotton which references Klein’s abstract paintings.

Images by Gordon Burniston

Originally published By Forward /Graphical House