Hip Store Interview

Hip Store Interview


Kestin caught up with The Hip Store, to discuss life at home. 


Hi Kestin, please introduce yourself and your role?

Hi, I’m founder and Creative Director of my namesake brand Kestin (formerly Kestin Hare but we have shortened and rebranded). I’m also joint owner of the Welcome Edition, the Paris-based menswear showroom that’s held twice a year during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Where are you currently in the world?

At home in Edinburgh, Scotland where I live with my wife and two daughters. We are in an area called Trinity which is next to Leith, 5 minutes walk from the beach and 30 minutes walk into the city centre.

What’s your guilty pleasure working from home song?

I’ve been getting the vinyl out, currently playing a lot of oldies. Massive Attack, Talking Heads and Fleetwood Mac have been on a fair bit recently.



Your go to comfy WFH piece from Kestin?

Our whole collection is perfect for WFH as we focus on comfort and functionality. I’m really into the Appin Pant right now, ideal for wearing round the house and then working well for jumping on the bike for a cycle too. They’re made from breathable water-resistant cotton/nylon with handy zips for keys.

Sofa, desk or garden office? 

I’ve just built myself a desk in my shed in the garden, I’m pretty pleased with the set up. It’s really important to have time by myself with no distractions to allow for the creative process.


Current media diet?

I’m trying to limit news consumption to stay positive, so reading scientific/business focused reports once a day. And other than that, exploring loads of new music, listening to Monocle 24 radio and introducing my kids to 70s/80/90s cult movies. My father-in-law dropped off 100s of old National Geographic’s so I’m enjoying going through those too.

Which objects at home are keeping you sane?

I’m really into making stuff with my hands, so I’m constantly working on something. My new project is making a shoe storage system, I’ve designed it and just waiting for the wood to arrive to start the build. My garden has also never looked so good, I find gardening really therapeutic.


What things in life have you come to appreciate more during these times?

My family and having time together, and having privileges I’ve taken for granted such as a house, food etc. Running your own business is full on, so being forced to slow down has taken time to adapt. It’s tricky trying to juggle homeschooling with running a business, but something which we are taking day by day and trying to make the most of by learning new skills and embracing it. The pandemic has also given me a new appreciation for businesses which really matter in my everyday life.

If the world went back to normal tomorrow what is the first thing you’d do?

Going for a pizza at Civerino’s, a pint in Leith and then watch a live football game.

There’s usually a silver lining with all tricky situations, what’s yours?

I’m spending time with my kids that I wouldn’t have had. They’re such great girls and they’re growing up really fast. I’ve been teaching them basic fashion design, how to use adobe draw and sewing which they’ve been getting really into, they’ll be with me in the studio before I know it.




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