Made in the UK Outerwear: Mill Spotlight - Halley Stevensons

Made in the UK Outerwear: Mill Spotlight - Halley Stevensons

Making high quality product in the UK is part of our brand DNA. The craftsmanship and make is unparalleled. Our SS20 outerwear range is all made in our London factory, using the finest Halley Stevensons and Brisbane Moss cloth.

Innovating textiles since 1864, Halley Stevensons Mill in Dundee specialise in the development, manufacture and supply of quality weatherproofed material for both the apparel and luggage markets.

"Our factory is based in our Baltic Works plant in Dundee, Scotland. We are extremely proud to Dye and Finish under one roof, allowing us to produce authentic British waxed canvas." - Halley Stevensons

Waxed cotton canvas originated from sail cloths, constructions of which are still used today. Legend say fisherman fashioned the waterproof sail fabric into garments to protect them from the stormy weather conditions out at sea. The rest is history.

Since gaining the first patent for waterproofing fabrics in 1910, continuous innovation has been the driving force of the business. Research and development are key for Halley Stevensons to sustain their position as market leaders. The British climate is renowned to be unpredictable, and you can trust the expert team at the Dundee mill to produce water resistant fabrics to combat the elements.

The Nevis Smock and Lowland Jacket are cut from 3.7oz dry-waxed 100% organic cotton mini-ripstop from Dundee-based mill Halley Stevensons.  The hybrid aero fabric finish with distinct lived in character is water resistant, windproof, breathable. The Ambleside Parka is cut from heavy weight mill-washed ripstop 100% cotton from the same mill, offering a durable option to last through the seasons.


Lowland jacket (in cumin & navy and slate & mint blue)

Nevis smock (slate & mint blue and cumin & slate

Ambleside parka (in sand, indigo and light olive

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