Native manufacturing is a core brand value. We produce the collection in the world's best factories in the UK, Portugal, Italy, Japan and China, supporting local industry and craftsmanship. We are proud that our designs are made in small production runs. Small production means higher production standards as well as being able to control the entire supply chain. From the UK, to Japan, to Italy, we work with market leading and technically superior fabric mills to develop unique cloth. We have a transparent supply chain with our factories and ensure that we only work with those who promote fair wages, safe working conditions and ethics, worker’s rights, high quality standards, and that maintain a strong bond with the surrounding community. Our factories have been audited by QIMA Ethical Audit Report. The ethical auditing report has been conducted according to international standards, and our own Best-In-Class-Protocol. QIMA Ethical Audit Reports include international standards on: hygiene, health and safety, waste management, child and young labor, labour practices, disciplinary practices, and discrimination and working hours and wages. Kestin has developed a personal relationship with these factories over the years. The team are hands on throughout the process, visiting the factories regularly developing innovative and sustainable solutions.


We are committed to producing clothes in a sustainable way, it is a journey and we are learning and improving every step of the way. We monitor and review our environmental and social impact looking on how we can improve our performance wherever possible. We aim to produce more in the UK, and are working closely with local factories and mills to create jobs, and nurture making in the UK. We are exploring new ways of working with and training those in the industry, looking at ethical design collectives to collaborate with skilled local communities. We select cloth that is of the highest quality and will last with as little environmental impact as possible. We take into consideration the durability of the garment, as well as the production process, to fully gauge the sustainable impact. 


All products are wearer trialled before they reach market, double checking performance and fit and washability to ensure high quality and a longer life span. We stand for the best design and the best quality. We don’t follow trends, we produce clothes that last, that get better with age.